Self-Care Saturday “Let’s Connect”

Start time 2023-03-18 11:00
Finished Time 2023-03-18 12:00

Meet Our Presenter

Coach Lee Hopkins is passionate about helping adults find authentic platonic connections. As a transgender man, he knows firsthand the difficulties that come with trying to make meaningful connections in today’s world.

But he doesn’t attribute his struggle to connect solely to his gender identity. Instead, he believes he found himself trapped in a pattern of behavior of people pleasing and searching for the “perfect” friends that kept him isolated and unable to forge lasting connections. 

And it wasn’t until he discovered the power of vulnerability that he began to break through the barriers that had held him back for so long. He learned that by speaking from the heart and being true to himself, he could have meaningful conversations that lead to lasting friendships and more fulfilling relationships with others.

Now, he is passionate about helping others do the same. Whether you’re looking to expand your social circle or build deeper connections with those around you, he believes that authenticity is the key to success. By embracing one’s true self and learning to communicate from a place of honesty and vulnerability, you can form the kind of connections that will enrich your life and bring you joy

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