Self-Car Saturday – From Solitude to Solidarity: Escaping the Loneliness Loop

Start time 2024-03-16
Finished Time 2024-03-16

Self-Care Saturday: From Solitude to Solidarity: Escaping the Loneliness Loop

Join us for an incredible online event focusing on self-care and building connections.

Making friends as an adult is difficult. If you’ve tried being kind, pleasing people, and even being firm with strong boundaries, but you still can make friends, then you might be stuck in the cycle of loneliness.

In this presentation, we’ll share with you the cycle of loneliness and how to get out so that you can make meaningful friendships and lasting relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn the difference between being alone and lonely and which is healthy.
  • You will learn how to identify harmful behaviors in you and your friendships.
  • You will learn practical strategies to break out of the cycle of loneliness.
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